Decentralized App Store

for a Free Future

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What sets Decentralized App Store apart

Icon decentralized

Apps in centralized App Stores are always at the risk of being removed. App utilizes multiple decentralized technologies like Sia Skynet and Handshake to prevent things like this from happening.

Icon collections

Discover awesome new apps using curated collections from your favorite app reviewers. App comes with some recommended collections to get you started quickly.

Icon batch actions
Batch actions

App can update or install multiple apps at once without user interaction, even on non-rooted devices using Shizuku.

Icon apps
Google Play

App contains millions of apps from Google Play through direct integration.

Icon control
Total control

Every developer fully controls the distribution of their app, publishing new apps takes less than 15 minutes and updates are available worldwide in less than 1 hour. Apps are independent and don't rely on App itself in any way.

Icon multi-language

App is currently available in over 7 languages and supports localized descriptions, names and screenshots for apps in every language.

Even more features

Icon apps
Google Play Integration

Millions of Apps available from Google Play to help you get started quickly and find your favorite apps.

Icons themes

App features Dark, Light and AMOLED black modes for your viewing pleasure. There's even a book-like sepia background if you prefer a more relaxed light mode.

Icon verified
Verified apps

Collections can independently mark apps as verified to increase trust in them. Verified apps show which collections verified them. Verifying can consist of reviewing the app, scanning for malware or just ensuring good overall app quality. This is fully decentralized, because the user decides which collection to trust and follow.

Icon secure

App verifies the integrity of every metadata and APK file to ensure that it has not been maliciously altered. Integrity is guaranteed down from the domain level, support for technologies like DNSSEC is planned to secure the lookup process even more.

Icon app-sharing
Easy app sharing

You can share apps or collections using links, they are opened directly in App if available. This enables anyone to directly link to apps on App, no matter where they are hosted.

Icons performance

App supports Split-APKs which results in up to 3x smaller app download sizes. Syncing app metadata happens incrementally on a per-app basis to increase overall performance and reduce the needed bandwidth.

Comparison to other App Stores

App Store
Google Play F-Droid
Decentralized F-Droid allows users to add external repositories, but this is a manual process for the user which effectively results in the majority of developers using the F-Droid main repository to publish their apps. Also, maintaining an own F-Droid repository isn't very straightforward and requires the developer to take care of the hosting.
Collections Only official ones
Batch actions Only with ROOT
Open app distribution Some app categories are forbidden, for example NSFW apps The F-Droid main repository only allows open-source apps
Developer control Google controls signing keys by default By default, apps in the F-Droid main repo are only signed by F-Droid, so updates with the same signature can only be published by F-Droid. It is however possible to keep the original developer signature for an APK when using the reproducible builds process.
Fast Updates Updates are available worldwide in less than 1 hour App Update Reviews can take up to 3 days Updates in the F-Droid main repo can't be triggered by the developer and can take some days to be picked up
Easy app publishing Does only require owning a domain name and publishing a new app takes less than 15 minutes Requires Google Account and one-time payment, a lot of things to fill out and up to a week of app review Developers need to ensure their app can be compiled by F-Droid and getting an app added to the F-Droid main repo can take multiple months
Integrity verification
Multi-language support